Oct 20- Giggletins: The Jiggleworm is in consideration for a Grammy nomination in Package and Design and #029 in the Children's Musical Album Category. If you are, or know any Academy Members- request a preview copy at info @ lebookmoderne.com or listen to a sample by clicking Giggletins to your left.

Sept 17 - Le Book Moderne LLC and Stjamesmedia LLC are partnering to bring the First Limited Edition Special Release 2007 to the public for the 2007 Christmas Season. Help the CMN with $1.50 of every order and get a U.S. made, safe, fun and Artistic gift for all the children you know.

May 4 - Le Book Moderne LLC announced today they have become an affiliate partner with Children’s Miracle Network and will donate $1.50 from each GiggleTin™ purchased  to Children’s Miracle Network benefiting The Children’s Hospital in Denver and National Jewish Medical and Research Center.